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Finding an experienced and competent masonry contractor can be difficult, but if you are looking for one, you are in the right place. At Chorzepa Construction Corp, we are committed to offering high-quality services while maintaining competitive and budget-friendly prices. We work exclusively with residential customers in Ridge, NY and other neighboring areas, and we are always looking for new projects. Explore our website to learn more.


What Are Our Services?


Basement Dig Outs

Basement Dig Outs
We have the technical capacity to increase the size of your basement and convert it into a fully functional room. A basement dig out is an excellent way to raise the value of your house.

House Raising

House Raising
Use our house raising service to elevate your property and increase the living space beneath it. Furthermore, raising your house will better protect it from floods and will enable you to reinforce its foundations.


Our well-trained and capable technicians can build solid cement block foundations that will increase the stability of your house and make you feel safer in your home. Our prices are fair and reasonable.

Concrete Work

Concrete Work
When it comes to concrete work, we are the contractors that you should call. We can design and build a wide variety of structures, including driveways, sidewalks, pathways, and entryways.

Basement and Cellar Door Installation

Basement and Cellar Door Installation
Secure your basement or cellar with a solid and dependable door. We can correctly install different types of doors, including Bilco doors. With our aid, you will have quick and easy access to your underground rooms.

Egress Window Installation

Egress Window Installation
Apart from installing basement and cellar doors, we can also hang egress windows that will instantly alter the overall ambiance of your home. They will also allow more sunlight to enter your house.

Masonry Work

Masonry Work
Use our masonry services to build different structures such as fences, patios, steps, retaining walls, etc. We use first-grade materials to construct stylish but sturdy features that can easily withstand the elements.


Demolition projects can be very laborious and dangerous. Use our services and spare yourself of the hassle job. We can take correctly and safely take down a wide variety of structures.


Outstanding Workmanship since 1964

At Chorzepa Construction Corp, we use premium-quality materials, innovative techniques, and cutting-edge equipment to handle labor-intensive and time-sensitive projects. We know the industry well, and we use our expertise to offer our customers five-star assistance and support. We understand that each job has its own specific requirements, which is why we offer our undivided attention to each and every property owner. Our ambition is to help our clients execute their ideas and raise the appeal and value of their houses. Choosing our cement block foundation services and other options is choosing exceptional workmanship.

How Do We Operate?

Many homeowners in Ridge, NY and the region have made us their go-to company because we are honest and methodical. Our professionally-trained and highly capable builders will carefully study your project to come up with an effective work plan. They will present to you your available options and help you make an educated decision. They will handle the job while keeping non-stop, transparent communication to avert misunderstandings and ensure your satisfaction. Whether you need house raising service or masonry installation options, we can provide them to you.

We Are Available Locally

After establishing ourselves as a well-known concrete contractor in Ridge, NY, we decided to expand our area of operations and serve homeowners in adjacent communities. Our services are currently available in a number of locations, including:

  • Suffolk County, NY;
  • East End County, NY; 
  • Nassau County, NY; 

Book our concrete pavers installation services or other options by calling us now. Our phone operators will gladly answer your questions. You can find our number on our homepage. We hope to hear from you soon!


by Robert S. Rose on Chorzepa Construction Corp
A+ Services

You're my go-to concrete contractor. Your builders were friendly and handled their duties with exemplary precision and professionalism. Thank you for enlarging my basement and installing a solid Bilco door. I will recommend your company!

Chorzepa Construction Corp
Ridge, NY 11961
Phone: (631) 345-5586

  • Basement Dig-Outs
  • House Raising
  • Foundations Construction
  • Cement Block Foundations
  • Concrete Work
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Concrete Sidewalks
  • Basement Door Installation
  • Cellar Door Installation
  • Bilco Door Installation
  • Egress Window Installation
  • Masonry Service
  • Masonry Installation
  • Demolition
  • Cellarway Installation
  • Basement/Cellar Digouts

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